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Systematic cleaning and corrosion protection

formeneinsatz-001Rust removal, passivation, cleaning and preservation of moulds, tools and clamping units

In plastic injection moulding, the high clamping forces lead to enormous pressures of up to 5 000 kN between clamping plate and mould back.

Mineral greases are carbonised and form black deposits. And fretting corrosion develops on the surfaces where the grease migrates due to the high pressure.

Both results in irregularities on the plane faces. In fine blanking, where rolls and bearings work with an accuracy of only a few thousandths of millimetres, this is also a problem: a lack in parallelism leads to high transverse forces.

Perfect interaction for lasting protection

To maintain constant production conditions and the precision of the injection moulding and punch machines, Buchem has developed a multistage cleaning procedure.

The system package that offers all necessary, well-proven products and the required application aids derusts, passivates, cleans and preserves machines, tools and moulds.

Buchem’s kit comprises:

All Buchem products provided in the kit are perfectly concerted – hard mechanical and time-consuming cleaning procedures are a thing of the past!

Cleaning procedure with just a few steps

The cleaning with Buchem’s system package is actually quite simple:

  • Degrease mould backs and clamping plates with Solvo-Spray to activate the surfaces for the cleaning.
  • Release black, carbonised deposits of mineral grease with Reiniger SC and the green abrasive side of the sponge and then remove them with an absorbent cloth.
  • Clean areas affected by rust with BP 60 Deruster and then rub them with a cotton cloth. Repeat this procedure in case of strong oxidation.
  • Neutralise surfaces with BP 40 All-Purpose Cleaner (as a dilution of 1:2 with water) and then rub them with paper towels.
  • Spray the surfaces with tap water and dry them with compressed air to remove the cleaners completely.
  • Afterwards, spray derusted and cleaned moulds of the clamping plates with Antikor RS to preserve them – done!
  • Optional: BP 40 All-Purpose Cleaner can also be perfectly used to remove dirt from all machine surfaces and floors.

The complete set is available for €199.60 (excl. shipping). If required, individual products can of course be reordered separately.

You want to profit by the simple and efficient cleaning procedure as well? Get in touch with us!