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Plastic injection moulding: no cleaning granulates needed thanks to Interkor VP1026

Buchem Interkor VP 1026Interkor VP1026 saves time and money

Many plastics processing companies know the problems every material and colour change involves. On the one hand, the costly procedure takes much time; on the other hand, the cleaning of cylinder and screw requires substantial amounts of material: in the first step, the process is switched to the cleaning granulate and then to the plastic material used next.

The consequences are long downtimes, considerable amounts of material used and associated high costs. Moreover, many cleaning granulates are extremely expensive, require much storage space and are material specific. Also annoying: abrasive cleaners roughen the polished surfaces of the plasticising unit.

And as if these excessively expensive and time-consuming processes were not unpleasant enough, the use of the cleaners is anything but harmless – because reactive cleaning processes produce harmful vapours and gases that may be a threat to employees and the environment!

Interkor VP1026: Fast! Reliable! And harmless!

The answer to these challenges is Interkor VP1026. The liquid cleaner also contains a corrosion inhibitor for plasticising units of plastic processing machines. The exceptionally efficient cleaning additive is based on a smart mode of action: directly added to the subsequent granulate, it abruptly foams up under pressure. This expansion of volume displaces the previous material, the cleaner adheres to colour and material residues and brings them out with a few shots.

After cleaning, a repeated change of material is not necessary. Hence, thanks to Interkor VP1026, your change of material or colour will not only consume less material but also around 30 % to 40 % less time. In short: you will save money!

The purely physical process that does not release any harmful vapours can be applied for cleaning cylinders, screws and hot runners, because Interkor VP1026 is absolutely compatible with all materials and temperatures. Hot-runner cleaning ideally is done in two steps: during the first step, only the plasticising unit is cleaned. In the second step, the nozzle is connected to the mould, so the foamed product can be injected through the open mould.

Interkor VP1026: approved for the food industry

Interkor VP1026 only contains harmless ingredients. This was also confirmed by the US-American National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), which registered Buchem’s product for H2. Thus, the liquid cleaner and corrosion inhibitor is safe to be used to produce packagings in the food and medical industries.

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