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Buchem: Your expert for plastic injection moulding, mould and toolmaking and electrical discharge machining

For plastic injection moulding, tool and mouldmaking and EDM Buchem offers solutions that considerably improve your processes. But that is not all! Profit by our company’s long experience and the services we especially developed for these industry sectors.

Plastic injection moulding:
Buchem’s chemical auxiliaries increase the productivity

Modern machine technology allows complex moulded parts to be manufactured automatedly.

But only when the functional unit of machine and tool is maintained regularly you will benefit from full usability and availability without downtimes.

Buchem has developed a range of chemical auxiliaries that not only ensure smooth operation, but also extend the service life of the mechanical parts.

Change colours, components and tools without spoiling the quality of the moulded parts – right from the start of production!
Our products for plastic injection moulding

Watch our video: Plastic injection moulding – practical workshop


Toolmaking & EDM:
Functional reliability thanks to Buchem’s special products

For tool and mould making we provide special products as well – for you to assure highest functional reliability of your forming tools.

Our broad range of chemical auxiliaries protects and maintains your equipment before and after machining.

The accuracy and repeatability over the entire service life determines the productivity of mould and tool.

Buchem’s products protect, clean and maintain

Electrical discharge machining is the most important machining process for materials that are difficult to machine, such as hardened steel and hard metals – not only in toolmaking and mould making.

Our high-quality chemical products manufactured in house protect your start hole drilling machines as well as your wire and die-sinking EDM facilities against corrosion as well as clean and maintain them.

Our products for toolmaking & EDM