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New packaging: more active substance, unbeatable advantages

You can do without - Buchem's new propellant-free packaging for more environmental protection.

Buchem offers propellant-free bottles as alternative

National and international companies increasingly have reservations towards packagings with pressurised gas. Not without good reasons: due to new REACH regulations and associated packaging and transport regulations, substances are increasingly classified as critical and also storage measures are tightened up.

Some years ago, companies could almost exclusively focus on production and sales. Today, the fields of safety, environment and certificates involve much more time and personnel.

„More and more customers ask for alternatives to aerosol cans, as environmental audits gain in importance.

Especially the international transport of dangerous goods in the form of highly flammable aerosols becomes increasingly difficult and more expensive—at the expense of our distributors and customers.“

Jasmin Oeser, Head of Back Office and Logistics

However, not only the transport, fire protection and storage regulations are tightened up, but also the risk ratings of insurances, incurring significant costs every year.

Additionally, there are the environmental impacts and the disposal of empty cans with residual gas. And in some countries the humid and salty air often leads to problems with corroding cans.

High time to rethink

In constant dialogue with our clients, we recognised all these problems already at an early stage and have developed an alternative to the aerosol cans: pressure-free 500-ml bottles with a special spray head, which can be adjusted for every application thanks to its vario-nozzle.

The unbeatable advantages:
• no compressed gas, non-flammable
• no dangerous good within the meaning of transport regulations
• can be applied at up to 200 °C
• more active substance; product lasts considerably longer
• more targeted application due to adjustable spray nozzle
• lower-cost alternative to aerosols
• can easily be stored under humid conditions
• refillable and thus more environmentally friendly.

„It is time to react. The majority of our aerosol products we will soon also offer in pressure-free 500-ml PE bottles with screw cap.

The optional special spray head with resistant seals and vario-nozzle can be optimally adjusted for every application.

And we of course also kept the environment in mind: the alternatively packed products will additionally be available in 10-litre refill canisters with dispensing tap.“

Thomas Buchem, Owner and Managing Director

Lasts longer thanks to higher content of active substance

Pressurised gas products contain 15 % to 40 % of propellant or CO2 to get the active substance out of the can. In addition, they contain some air to compensate excess pressure as well as solvents for dilution.

All this is not necessary with the new packaging without compressed gas. The result: a considerably higher concentration of active substance in the bottle and thus a significantly higher efficiency.

„In an aerosol can, the actual content of active substance averages out at 30 % to 55 %. The other ingredients are simply blown out and have no effect. A balance that we can improve considerably!

Over half of our products will do without volatile hydrocarbons and propellants in the future. For our customers that means 100 % active substance and products that last significantly longer.“

Dirk Frevel, Head of Development and Sales

Although the high concentrations of ingredients are linked with higher costs, all in all, the products will not be more expensive thanks to their significantly higher efficiency. And those who want to make additional savings—and a contribution to the environment—can refill the bottles several times with our 10-litre refill canisters.

Step by step

We will offer our aerosol products in the additional packaging variant step by step, starting with our broad-spectrum mould cleaners Reiniger SE and Reiniger SC: with immediate effect, they are also available in the propellant-free 500-ml bottle with optional spray head. Please click here to find out more about the two products.

You have a question on the new packaging or one of our products? Simply contact us!