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Buchem offers products with NSF certificate

nsfInterkor VP 1026 and C5 Release Agent approved for the food industry

For enterprises in the food business it is vital to use NSF-approved auxiliary agents in their production.

NSF International is a US-American organisation looking back on more than 70 years of experience in food safety auditing, training and consulting. It certifies products, develops standards and conducts tests to protect food, consumer goods and water. To obtain an approval for the food industry, products such as corrosion inhibitors or release agents must only contain ingredients that are classified harmless by NSF International.

As is the case with Buchem’s C5 Release Agent, which – due to its particularly eco-friendly composition – is one of the very few release agents worldwide that are registered for M1. This NSF category comprises mould release agents with incidental food contact for use in the production of food packaging.
The second Buchem product with NSF approval is Interkor VP 1026. The liquid cleaner and corrosion inhibitor is registered for the H2 category and may be used in food-processing areas where cleaner and food do not come in contact.

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